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Intoxicated Driver Program

Sue Shemanski holds credentials as a Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor and an Independent Clinical Supervisor. Sue completes the OWI assessments for Iron County and has appointments once per month.

Assessments are available to Iron County residents only, as OWI assessments need to be completed in the county in which the resident resides. Additional recommendations will be made by the assessor. 

The OWI assessment fee is $200 cash or money order to be paid prior to an appointment being scheduled. Additional fees may be incurred based on recommendations. 

To schedule an appointment or for additional questions, please contact Becky Rein at 715-561-3636 ext. 2137. 

In Iron County, your local office is located at

300 Taconite Street

Hurley WI 54534

on the second floor of the Court House.

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