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Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance generally provides a one-time payment based on family size, income and fuel usage to assist with the cost of home heating. It can also provide crisis assistance and furnace repair and replacement. Additional programs include:

  • Crisis Assistance – when a household is without heat, has a disconnect notice
    from the heating vendor, or are nearly out of fuel and do not have sufficient

    funds to purchase more.   
  • Furnace Assistance – eligible home owners may be eligible for a furnace repair
    or replacement if the furnace or boiler stops running during the heating


Energy Assistance is provided by the State of Wisconsin Home Energy Plus Program or WHEAP 

Contact Iron County Human Services at 715-561-3636

in emergency situations. For emergency situations after-hours, over weekends, or on holidays contact the Iron County Sheriff’s Department at 715-561-3800

Weatherization Services

If you are eligible for weatherization services based on your WHEAP application, your application information will be referred to the local weatherization agency. Households selected for potential weatherization services will be contacted by the weatherization agency. The agency will then make arrangements to have an energy auditor will assess your home to see what can be done to make it more energy efficient. Weatherization services differ with each home depending on how it was built and its condition. Some common weatherization services include:

  • Insulate attics, walls and floors
  • Insulate or replace water heater
  • Install energy efficient lighting
  • Reduce air leakage
  • Repair or replace furnace
  • Test and/or replace refrigerator
  • Perform a general health and safety inspection
  • Provide information about maintenance and energy conservation

This information was taken from:

Home Weatherization Assistance Program. Home Energy Plus; Wisconsin Heating and Energy Assistance Program. 3 October 2017. Click here to be taken to the Weatherization page on the Home Energy + website!

How to Apply

These programs can be applied for in Iron County by calling 715-561-3636. You will be provided an appointment or an application, information on eligibility, and instructions on what to submit.

In Iron County, your local office is located at

300 Taconite Street

Hurley WI 54534

on the second floor of the Court House.

You can also apply online for the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program.  You may apply online at

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